a little disclaimer

This blog is not about tips. I’m not your mom; I can’t tell you what to do (although I do have a couple of suggestions, like, maybe it’s not a great idea to yell, “EXCUSE ME BUT I’M AN AMERICAN!” at a custom’s officer in a country outside of your own and then slam your Bible on her counter when she was only asking routine questions, or don’t get belligerently drunk at an old cotton plantation and then ask the driver to end the tour early because you’ve gotta “watch the game,” both of which I have unfortunately witnessed firsthand).

Anyway, the point is that there are a lot of travel blogs out there with great tips about travel, backpacking, etc. This is not one of those blogs. I honestly don’t feel like any sort of authority on traveling, so I don’t plan on talking to you like I am one. Instead I just want to share my experiences here, because that’s interesting, I think, and also, I have tendinitis on my wrist so regular, old-school journaling is a pain in the ass (and in my wrist), and besides, blogs are more fun.