oh the places i’ve been

I have big dreams with this page. I’m gonna make it rain (no I’m not). But really. Here’s a list of places I’ve been. My goal for 2016 is to create a link for each country with photos and maybe little stories from each trip (I mean, what I can remember anyway. For most of these, it’s been a while).

I’ve lived in…

Israel // Costa Rica [eating vegan in Costa Rica] // New York City // Syracuse NY // Austin // San Francisco

(actually I’ve lived in more places but some of those are unmentionables. I’m looking at you, Hartford, Connecticut).

I’ve been to…

Nicaragua // Guatemala // Mexico // Bahamas // Cuba // Colombia // France // United Kingdom // Germany // The Netherlands // Austria // Switzerland // Spain // Italy [here] // Greece // Turkey // Jordan // Palestinian Territories // Poland // Czech Republic // Hungary // Slovakia

The U.S. is a big country. I’ve only traveled to/through a few states/territories…

Florida // Louisiana // Texas // New Mexico // Arizona // Colorado // Utah // Nevada // California // Virginia // Washington D.C. // New Jersey // Connecticut // Rhode Island // New York // Massachusetts // Vermont // Illinois // Hawaii // Puerto Rico // Virgin Islands

Honorable mentions (also known as: I’ve been been stuck at your airport/our plane ran out of gas so we had to make an emergency landing, but I’d love to check you out someday!)

Panama // El Salvador // Jamaica