so this is me starting a travel blog, and saying hi


Hey hey. I’m really bad at introductions. Whenever I have to introduce myself anywhere, I usually say something like “my name’s Debbie and I’ve lived many lives” (true) or “I’m from Florida” (absolutely blatantly untrue but the real answer to “where are you from?” usually warrants a conversation, and sometimes I don’t feel like having such a conversation, particularly while in Ubers…).

So hello to everybody who is not reading this blog (because why would you be reading this blog?): my name is Debbie, I’m in my mid-twenties, I’ve lived many lives (it’s not as interesting as it sounds), and I’m most definitely not from Florida. At all.


Today my friend asked me, “What are you gonna do with your tax refund?” (I promise we talk about way more interesting things than tax refunds…in fact, this is the first time we’ve ever talked about tax refunds ever), to which I said, “Travel!”

Because, duh.

Then I decided I should start a blog about my travels, which I’ve been meaning to do for over two years now (I was in the middle of a super awesome backpacking trip through the Mediterranean then, and I scribbled all these great ideas for blog posts on a napkin, and then the stewardess said, “Any trash I can take from you?” and like the moron that I am I gave her the napkin, so that blog never happened). But right now I’m stuck at the Denver airport with three years to kill (just kidding, three hours), and there’s no better time than the present, right?

I love to travel. I’ve traveled since I was a kid (in fact, I boarded my first plane at about a month old or so…from Costa Rica, where I was born, to Israel, where my parents lived at the time). Depending on who I’m talking to, I’ve traveled lots of places, or I’ve traveled nowhere at all, really (because some people–most people–are way cooler than me). I’m really lucky to have been to all the places I’ve been, though, and I’m also really, really lucky that I have the opportunity to continue to travel, and I plan on doing it for the rest of my life.

So. Yeah.

A little bit more about me: I’m currently an MFA in Creative Writing student at the University of San Francisco, I’ve lived in quite a few places (San Francisco being my favorite, thus far, at least in the U.S., despite the astronomical rent), I have a really expensive hobby–silversmithing (that means I make jewelry), trampoline parks are my happy place (former gymnast here…that’s one of my past lives…the other one is when I was a Soviet spy…just kidding, that one never happened, although I did have a dream about it when I was like six, which makes me think it totally happened in a past life, because what the hell would a six-year-old know about Soviet spies?), my boyfriend’s hair is currently longer than mine, I have a tattoo of an elephant on my thigh (I have three tattoos, but that one’s my favorite), I’m obsessed with turquoise (the stone, not the color, but I also like the color), I’ve written two novels to date and I dream of having one published someday, I’m intolerant to lettuce (really), I try my hardest to eat a plant-based diet but sometimes when I travel I break that rule, and my dog Simba is my raison d’etre.


Every time I travel without him, I spend the first two to three days crying about Simba. Then I sort of get over it but every time I see a dog, like it doesn’t matter if it’s a giant dog like a Saint Bernard, I’m all like, OHMYGAHD look at that SIMBA! (Simba’s like eight pounds, guys). And then I hear crickets from everyone else because Simba looks nothing like a Saint Bernard.

Wow, this was the longest “about” page ever. To wrap it up: my name’s Debbie, I like to travel, and I’m obsessed with my dog Simba.

The end.